Monday, February 22, 2010

You Deserve A Good Home Lucy, A Life Worthwhile That's What We Say

On Thursday Rob invited me to see Between The Wars in Richmond, was some awesome Aussie folk punk kinda stuff.

On Friday saw Lead Sketch Union. Was awesome. Great to hear the new songs live.

On Saturday saw the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra.

And only spent about $40-$50 the entire time. Was good.

Still looking for a job that I can get to without a car. Goddamnit. All the jobs that I would be awesome at are in non-public transport locations.

There was one in the city I had a chance at, but 3 of us from our graduating class were going for it and it wasn't my turn to win I guess.

The trick is to try and stay positive. Kurt only juts got a job two weeks ago, so I shouldn't feel totally fucked yet.

Uni dinner/Kurt's late birthday drinks this friday, and then I'm supposed to be going to Soundwave after party to meet one of my orgcore friends who is in Australia for Soundwaves. I didn't think I could recognise her so I wasn't sure about it, but Rob said he's gonna be there and I should definitely go. So hopefully she can recognise me enough. I'll probably be the punkest motherfucker there (am expecting it to be mostly 18-20 year old hipster fuckheads).

Probably going to buy a ticket to the Gyroscope show at the Corner just because A Death In The Family are opening for them. I think I'm having withdrawals from not seeing them, and it's only been about a month and a half.

Monday, January 25, 2010

shows, shows and more shows. what's on the horizon? oh, more shows.

Last sunday went to the Arthouse.

Saw Walter Schreifels. Didn't know any of teh songs, but had a good time. Walter is an awesome dude and heaps funny.

Also saw Black Is The Colour again, I don't even know anymore. I've never heard a single one of their recorded songs, but I know all their lyrics just from seeing them so often.

Donnie from Blueline Medic as well. Opened with Ribbons Patterns, one of his best songs that I definitely did not think he was gonna play. He didn't play Harry Baker, so I was a bit disappointed, but it's Donnie, so it doesn't even matter.

And A Death In The Family. Fucking killed it. I was so drunk I don't even remember what songs they played, I just remember singing my heart out.

Arrived at the Arty with $150. Entry was $10. When I left I had $5. So I was kinda pissed at myself last week for spending all my money.

Last week was kinda boring. One of my uni lectureres called me and said he was sending me a job ad. Called about it and going in for a chat on wednesday. There wasn't much information about the job, so hopefully it's cool.

Found out last night that earlier in the day Jamie and Darren played a free afternoon show at the Arty. Fucking kicking myself for missing that. I always find out about these things too late.

Eating rissoles for dinner for the last 6 nights in a row. I can't help it, you can get a pack of 8 rissoles for $5 and they've got herbs and carrot in them and everything.

Conation reunion on feb 6. Super excited for that. Revival tour with Chuck Ragan, Frank Turner and their mates in April. 2010 is turning out to be pretty sweet.

Now I just have to remember to keep an eye out for those sunday arvo Arthouse shows.

Monday, January 11, 2010

So much for slow-motion catastrophies, The world has turned on us again

I first saw Conation in 2004, supporting Against Me! and the very next day I went out and bought their Troubled Waters and Fortresses EP.

They broke up in 2006 when Jamie moved to Melbourne, joined A Death In The Family and has since started Fear Like Us.

I only just recently got The Clouds Are Gathering EP, released a couple months ago, which they started working on before they broke up but recently finished putting it together. It has 4 songs, 3 of which are not unlike the ones on Troubled Waters and Fortresses (a good thing!), the last one is a cover of Redgum's I Was Only 19, which I saw them play live once and it fucking ruled.

They are doing a tour in February, and will probably be the last time they ever play together.

In other news

I finally got onto Centrelink, because not having any money is bullshit. But what they are expecting of me is bullshit. Apply for ten jobs a fortnight, I guess it's fair for them to expect something like that, even though realistically there would not be 5 jobss a week that I am interested in.
The real kicker is this: apparently I have to apply for several different kinds of work. Like, the dude said I can't just apply for 10 OHS jobs, he said they encourage you to apply for 2 different jobs of each type, as in: 2 OHS jobs, 2 admin jobs, 2 retail jobs, etc...


Why would I waste employers time by applying for jobs that 1. I am not qualified for or 2. Am not interested in? Obviously I am gonna apply for jobs that I spent he last 3 fucking years studying for. Centrelink wasn't this bad under the Howard government.

Speaking of Kevin Rudd fuckups. I love the way they have just been letting the Japanese conduct illegal whaling in Australian waters, when they could have stopped it at any time.
Now that the Japanese have attacked Australian and NZ citizens in Australian waters, while illegally whaling, the governments immediate response was "we are very concerned and are looking into the legal options"

What else... how about the internet filter which is just an excuse for the Labour Right to push their personal views on us. I will be giving the Greens a vote in the next election for the first time ever because they are the only party that could get the seats in the senate to block this shit.

Enough of that, though.

I found a really sweet job that I would love, I reckon I've got a very good chance of getting it, but applications don't close until end of January, can I deal with Centrelink for that long? I just don't know.

Anyway, this week I will be seriously starting my job searching (not today because it is 42 degrees).

Fake Problems are amazing. This one song Level With The Devil kicks my ass everytime.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Do You Remember How Scared We Were

Pretty slow week.

Was going to apply for a job the other day, but then decided it was too much hassle to write a cover letter. Met up with Kurt in teh afternoon and he said he applied for the same job. He'll probably get it, now I'm thinking I should've gone for it.

Jess and Young Tom Harrison met us at the pub near Flinders St. Mark and Chan were waiting at the station not realising where anybody was, and Ash and Sandra were at the station somewhere bitching out and asking me and Jess to come meet them rather than them come across the road, even though we already had drinks.

We had Indian which was good. I never had Indian before. The guys on the org suggested a meal for me, and it was worth it. Would eat again.

We went to some bar and we're drinking, then they called last drinks at 9.45. Total bullshit.

Ash, Chan, Sandra and Kurt went home early. Me, Jess and Mark hung out for a while and Tom's friends came and met us. Jess went home, the rest of us went to another bar until we ran out of money.

We got kicked out at 1 and me and Mark just hung out at Federation Square until about 2.

Mark leaves on Sunday for his new job up in Gove, NT. he has to be up there for a whole year and I don't think he is totally sold on the idea. Once I get a bit of money I'll probably go up for a visit.

Totally lazy today. next week I'll probably get into looking for a job (although I said the same about this week). I need to do it, but I just can't be fucked.

Got 35/40 for my final report. Really fucking impressed. Once again I blew everyone away with my "doin it the day before it is due" style.

Passed my Cert4 in Workplace Training and Assessment today. Just need to get $500 and I am a fully qualified trainer and assessor.

It's been 36degrees pretty much everyday. Sucks.

I think that is all.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

While You're Counting Sheep, I Count My Lucky Stars, You Were The Last Good Thing I Ever Saw

Uni is completely over.

I officially have 1 month to find a job. Then my centrelink payments stop and I can't pay rent anymore.

Handed in my portfolio for Training and Assessment on Friday. Hopefully I hear about that soon, and hopefully I've done enough to get accredited, but whether I do or not has no bearing on my uni degree. It would limit my career opportunities though.

I have looked at jobs, but not really. I'm kind of in the "can't be fucked" state of mind right now, so I keep putting it off. I've seen a lot that say you need at least 5 years experience in industry, etc. bullshit. I'll just stay away from those. But right now I could care less. Wait til the end of the month when I start freaking out because I haven't applied for any jobs, then I'll be really fucked.

Weather is getting hot. Hot as in 'ice cubes are required'. I can always tell the humidity because normally my hair sticks up at the front. But these days it keeps drooping down over my forehead. Which is alright I guess. I think it gives me a bit of an edge, a bit less of a "i'm going bald" look.

Heard the new Chuck Ragan record. It's good. I'll probably like it more once I get the actual record and give it a few spins, but right now there are only a couple stand out songs. It'll be good though. I just have to wait until I get a job til I can afford it.

My brother's baby is due in January. I'll be an uncle. I'm not so excited. I mean, I don't care either way at this point. Little kids don't really appear on my radar as anything but annoyances. I live 800km away anyway.

Played a lot of Castlevania on DS recently. That's about it. Just trying to take it easy. Lots of drinks, not much sleep.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Be Young, To Be Dumb, To Be Drunk As Hell and In Love...

...To Be Sad, To Be No-one, Pretend You're Something More Than You Are, But You're Not.

Fake Problems It's Great To Be Alive is definitely my album of the year. But the dumb part is that I've had it for about 6 months but only recently played it.

My eyes still hurt from the last few days.

Stayed up all saturday night working on a construction safety management plan. Then all day saturday, then finally finished it at 3am monday morning.

Then I spent a bit over 2 hours opening survey returns from mail out survey i did. I got 65% response rate, which is impressive (average response to surveys is usually 22%). So I had to collate that data because monday afternoon i had to present my results.

At 6am that morning construction works started outside.

Last night was the first night of sleep I've had since Friday night. So it's been a rough weekend.

Yesterday was the last day of uni. We went for some drinks and played some pool. It was alright, but I think we all had it in the back of our minds that we won't be hanging out anymore.

Ash keeps saying that she already misses us.

I still have 3 things left:
  • Photoshop assignment (not important, I already have enough to pass)
  • Science Project final report (super important, this needs to be good or I could fail the course)
  • Training Portfolio (also pretty important, don't need it to pass but I need it to get training qualifications, and I need training qualifications)
Sandra was supposed to call me this morning to come in and help her out with her photoshop project, but she hasn't called. Either she decided not to do it, or she is caught up with trying to get her portfolio together.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's These Simple Things That Keep A Smile On My Face

On sunday I went to the folk punk section of the Poison City Weekender at The Arthouse.

It was awesome. The music was up in the beer garden, which I didn't even know was there.

From memory I think the players were:
  • Jen Buxton
  • Black Is The Colour
  • Darren Gibson
  • Wil Wagner
  • Fear Like Us

I only caught the last two songs of Jen's set. But she is good and I like her music, and she made a funny joke.

Black is the colour I believe is a 3-piece featuring the lead singer of Coue Method. He's a good singer, and I like this stuff better than Coue Method actually.

Darren Gibson was amazing as usual. He opened with A Friend of Mine and then played Cut Me In Half, which are the only 2 songs of his that I really know. So I figured I'd be a bit disappointed that I didn't know the rest of his songs, and then he played a Chuck Ragan cover! Awesome.
He also made some good jokes.

Wil Wagner I had never heard before. I don't know if I'd buy his music, but live he is amazing. Reminded me of 2000-era Against Me! when it was just Tom Gabel. In fact, he said that a few days earlier he had done a set of Against Me! covers.
He has a pretty unique sounding sort of voice and a lot of stop-playing-guitar-and-just-scream-to-the-crowd kind of stuff. It was cool.

And finally, Fear Like Us, which is what everyone had been waiting for. They only play 2 or 3 shows a year, maybe less.
They opened with She'll Be Right and played mostly album songs, which is cool, because I've been listening to it non-stop for the last 3 weeks.
They played Neo Deceptor Cons which is my favourite song of theirs. Streets of Mexico, Songs of Rattling Keys, Music and Movement, amongst others. I think they played a cover or two. And ended with a new song? maybe.
About halfway through the set Jamie Hay whipped out the banjo.

One of the best things I've ever seen. Maybe the best show I've been to since I first saw Conation and Against Me!

maybe better.

Just got back this arvo from Shepparton. What a piece of shit that place is.

We were there for manufacturing safety. Went up on Monday morn, came back today. It was pretty fucking boring, except that I love road trips.

Monday night we left the RSL after dinner, only to find out the pub at the motel was closed. So we went to BWS, and found out they were closed. We sat around the pokies for a moment thinking we were screwed when Tom Harrison said that there was a drive through bottle shop upt he road. So we walked up there and bought a bunch of stubbies and bundy red and a few cruisers for the girls and justs went and got fucked up in Ash and Chan's motel room.

At about 12.30 I think me and kurt started fighting over something and Ash said we should go. So we went back to our room and while I was in the toilet Kurt and Mark went down to Sandra and Jess' room to kill a spider for them. I followed them, not realising they had left the key in the room, so we were locked out of our room.
Shepparton on a Monday night is pretty much completely shut down. So it's nearly 1.30am and we figure we're fucked. I throw my safety boots at Kurt and go hunting for a motel person. Luckily I found a bartender, in the dark, cleaning some glasses near the pokies, so we got back in the room.

This morning I woke up with food poisoning from the shitty RSL dinner. It sucked, as we had to visit a recycling plant and the SPC Ardmona processing plant.

Don't go to Shepparton. Especially if you want to go drinking.